Why Wagons?

Why Wagons?

max and nurseA special delivery was made at Almost Home Kids at OSF HealthCare Children’s Hospital of Illinois on Friday, November 2. Two new Brady Buggy® Wagons, Leonard the Lion and Peaches the Penguin, rolled into the transitional care facility to comfort our pediatric patients with their complicated health care needs.

Ben Thang, the first patient at Almost Home Kids, can now be mobile – even with his medical equipment. The wagons also have a trailer hitch that will help tow children’s IV’s. This donation isn’t just a wagon. It allows pediatric patients and their siblings the ability to experience a safe and fun means of transportation at Almost Home Kids home-like atmosphere.

Cheryl Murin, community outreach coordinator, states, “Almost Home Kids is thankful for the generous donation of two Brady Buggy® Wagons. The children at Almost Home Kids will enjoy this beautiful gift for years to come!”

Brady Buggy WagonsFunded entirely by donations, Almost Home Kids provides transitional care for children with complicated health needs. The children who come to Almost Home Kids are clinically ready for discharge from the hospital, yet important factors need to be considered in order to bring them home safely.

Your donation to Almost Home Kids at OSF Children’s Hospital isn’t just dollars. It’s Ben getting to experience fun ride, his older sister learning to safely play with him and his mother being comfortable providing his care.

Without your generosity, we would be unable to provide these much needed services to the community. Today, we are asking you to help the children and families who need it the most. Your gift today can truly change their lives.

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