The Mission of OSF HealthCare is to serve persons with the greatest care and love. As part of the “One OSF Ministry” experience, increasing patient satisfaction has been woven into a transformative health care approach to serve our community better.

The patient’s experience consists of minute-by-minute time spent in the hospital at the hands of their caregivers. For these patients, the way they are cared for means all the difference for their overall well-being and OSF experience. In fact, research has shown patients are more likely to have a better physical outcome when they are given the opportunity to express gratitude.

With the launch of Patient Experience Week on Facebook, you’ll hear grateful stories from real patients and their families in their own words. Join us as we peek into the life of someone who was transformed by the little things caregivers are doing day in and day out for patients, just to see them smile.

Patient Experience Week is an opportunity to recognize and celebrate health care staff who are impacting our patient’s lives in big ways. Through love and compassion, every interaction caregivers have with patients is an opportunity to make their experience better.

Whether it be a nurse, a physician, an advanced practice provider or any other staff member, these caregivers work tirelessly to deliver comprehensive, integrated quality health care to positively impact the patient’s experience. Has one of them made a difference for you?


Mike and Sister JudithThe OSF Grateful Patient Program is a meaningful way for patients to celebrate the extraordinary care they receive across the OSF Ministry. In fact, thankfulness encourages the physical, emotional and spiritual healing for patients and their loved ones. The program offers patients and their family members the opportunity to express gratitude and honor their caregivers. You can honor caregivers in three ways:

  • Honor a physician or advanced practice provider
  • Nominate a nurse for the Daisy Award
  • Nominate a staff member for the Sunflower Award

Patients or loved ones can make a nomination, share their story or make a donation in honor of their caregiver. We will share your submission with the appropriate leadership to ensure your caregiver is informed of the nomination. Patients and loved ones can make submissions by contacting their local OSF Foundation office, through OSF MyChart Bedside or by visiting

For more information on how to contribute to the OSF Grateful Patient Program, contact Wendy Mitchell at (309) 566-5673 or

Click below to honor an exceptional caregiver that has made a difference to you, and support the valuable work they do.

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