A Lifetime Of Gratitude: Patient Continues to Say “Thank You” 20 years later

I’m guessing you probably don’t remember me…

In fact, OSF St. Joseph Medical Center RN Carolyn Wright did remember the patient that she had cared for more than twenty years prior. Bill had been a patient of hers on many occasions in early 1994, with several critical medical problems. He ultimately needed to be placed on a ventilator and was unconscious for two weeks. Carolyn did her best to try to wean him off of the vent. She knew that oftentimes, even unconscious patients are still able to hear, so she talked to him every day. She told him that the ventilator was going to come off soon, and when that happened that he was going to need to breathe deeply. She coached him on what to expect. She remembers him being weaned off successfully.

He remembered, too.

Over Christmas of 2015, Carolyn received a card from Bill. This was more than just a Christmas card wishing her joyous holidays and a wonderful 2016. Bill explained who he was and shared that from time to time, he thinks back on that difficult experience and remembers (and will always clearly remember) how diligently she worked to help him stay alive. He announced his retirement after 38 years of delivering mail. He quickly dismissed that as unimportant, however, and said, “The important thing is: YOU ARE THE BEST.”

At OSF Healthcare, everyone is serious about their mission to serve with the greatest care and love, in the spirit of Christ. We are not driven by accolades, but this Christmas card is a wonderful example of how meaningful both compassionate care and genuine gratitude can be in the lives of those in our community – past, present, and future.