OSF Facilities Maintenance Team Remembers Dear Friend

OSF Facilities Maintenance Department came together on Friday, October 9th for a great cause. The group presented Volunteer Services at the OSF Richard L. Owens Hospice Home with $1,000.  The donation was made in memory of Dan Young, their beloved co-worker who spent some of his final days in Hospice care. 

Dan's best friend John Zimmerman, along with the rest of the dedicated team members, presented Julie Otten, Hospice Volunteers Manager, with the gift. Dan’s wife Merry Young and their children Brenda and Morgan as well as his sister Mary were all in attendance and spent time sharing stories of Dan with the OSF team.

Young’s family and friends visited him in Hospice care and were genuinely surprised by the volunteer staff that went above and beyond to make them comfortable.  So, the decision to donate to the Volunteer Services of Hospice Home was an easy one for the group. 

Julie Otten, recently appointed as the new Hospice Volunteer Manager, has high hopes of revamping the program.  Using the money received from the OSF Facilities Maintenance crew she will be able to execute some of her new initiatives, making Hospice Home an even warmer and more inviting place to be.

Volunteer services are an integral and important component of the Hospice team’s plan of care. 

Volunteers are used in many different ways, from spending time with patients and their families, running errands, buying groceries to staying with the patient so the caregiver can go to appointments and more.

The OSF Facilities Maintenance Department hopes to contribute yearly to various areas of need within the organization, and felt that this first initial gift was most appropriately given in honor of Dan Young.

A big thank you to Dan’s family for coming out to remember Dan with us, and of course to the dedicated workers who went above and beyond! 

Make a donation to support the vital volunteer efforts to provide compassionate care for our patients and their families. To learn more visit www.osfhealthcarefoundation.org or call us at 877-574-5678.