Grace Will Follow: The Sara Holman Legacy

Dave & Sara HolmanWhether traveling to new destinations, seeing movies at the theatre, or simply making dinner, David and Sara Holman had the recipe for love. The two did nearly everything together, including working at OSF Saint James - John W. Albrecht Medical Center. “I could run upstairs and see her,” smiled David—a Biomedical Equipment Tech. “Sara started in housekeeping, worked her way to medical records, and then became a referrals specialist. Anything she set out to do, she’d give it her all, and become a professional at it.”

Her husband says Sara had another quality that shined in everything she did. “She was willing to provide service,” said David. “If someone was in need, she would help--service with a smile, literally.”

Known for her gentle demeanor and compassion toward others, Sara was also a fighter. Diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012, she faced the battle head on. “She went through chemotherapy and radiation, all the while doing it with grace,” said David.

The couple continued to enjoy life together, but in December 2013, Sara found two more lumps. “It came back with vengeance,” David softly spoke. “She kept fighting, but in June of 2014 was given three to six months. Sara passed away that September. Saying goodbye…was so hard. To this day, I’m truly lost without her.”

Support for the Holman family poured in. “She had an impact,” said David. “Just seeing how people reacted to her, how they continue to hold her in their heart, she truly lived with grace.” Mission Partners contributed generously to Sara’s memorial fund. So generously, that a bench will soon be erected next to a magnolia tree, planted in her honor. “She liked the flower, so the maintenance group put a magnolia tree by the pond,” said David. “Soon the bench will be placed nearby. But that’s only half of it.” The other half involves the new cancer center located on Ladd Street.

“There’s a physical rehabilitation program for patients undergoing or who complete chemotherapy called the STAR Program." David said. Proceeds from Sara's memorial will go towards the STAR program at the Ladd Center building. The facility will have a plaque named in Sara's honor.

“Sara lived by this quote: Above all, be kind, live humbly and grace will follow. I’ve been trying to take her characteristics and incorporate them into my life moving forward,” said David. “She made the world a better place.” Through Sara’s grace, and the generosity of OSF Mission Partners—her legacy continues to live on, giving others who find themselves in a similar situation the strength to preserve. And, for David, knowing his wife continues to make a positive impact on campus and in the community, is a gift he says…is priceless.

“This is an opportunity to take time out to remember,” he said. “To think, relax, and give thanks.”