Domestic Violence Workshop: Know the Warning Signs

BLOOMINGTON - An $11,000 grant made possible by the women's giving circle Women Empowered, is working to stop domestic violence.

"Obviously, domestic abuse is not an entirely female issue, but it is primarily," said Karen Thacker, a Women Empowered member and the Executive Director of Nursing at OSF St. Joseph Medical Center.  "As we looked at different issues to discuss, this came to the top.  Domestic violence is in the news, and needs to be looked at."

That's why Women Empowered recently welcomed nationally renowned domestic violence research and advocacy leader Dr. Jacquelyn Campbell of Johns Hopkins University to OSF St. Joseph Medical Center. 

Dr. Campbell led two free community workshops, sharing research about domestic violence and how to identify the danger signs.

“Often, women fear if people find out they’re being abused, the next call will be to child protective services and they’ll lose their kids,” said Dr. Campbell.  “But, that’s not the case.  What we want to do is to be able to spot problem—then give women the resources to regain their health and safety.”

During each session, Dr. Campbell discussed the warning signs of domestic violence, how to effectively communicate with victims, and how to get them the help they need.

“This topic is close to my heart,” said OSF Saint James Emergency Department Director Susanna Legner.  “I came to the workshop to learn more so I can be an advocate and help other nurses be advocates for victims.”

Research shows domestic violence has both a physical and an emotional toll.  Victims are at a higher risk for cardiovascular disease, have trouble sleeping, and suffer from anxiety.

“We need to get people help before it’s too late,” said Dr. Campbell.  “Believe it or not, one in four women have experienced violence by a spouse or a boyfriend.”

During the workshop, attendees receive a Danger Assessment and Abuse Assessment Screen to help them identify domestic violence and work with victims effectively.

Download the Danger Assessment and Abuse Assessment Forms.

Women Empowered leaders hope as more people begin to talk about domestic violence, and identify the signs…the more lives that will be saved.

“The more we can do to protect those we serve, the better off this world will be,” said Thacker.  

Workshop Feedback:

Being a young women coming out of a high risk dangerous relationship (I did the assessment), this seminar was very helpful and informative to know the potential signs of women at risk so I can identify red flags in not only my future relationships but others as well. Well done!

Excellent speaker! I learned a lot about how trauma affects health as an adult. I hope this will improve my compassion and understanding. 

Excellent presentation. Very relevant to my work.

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