Bushels for Care

"Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” - Galatians 6:7

Bushels Can Save Lives

Through OSF Healthcare Foundation, the land you've dedicated your life to can help those in need - by turning bushels you donate into a charitable contribution for the community.

Any bushels you harvest are eligible to donate. When you choose to donate a set bushel amount, the process is easy. You may donate grain you haven't yet harvested or donate grain that is already in storage. There's no additional cost and 100% of the value of your grain donation will benefit the program.

Consider a gift of grain, knowing what it will mean to the health and well-being of both you and your community.

How to Donate

Please Note: The following donation guidelines are available in PDF format.

 Bushels for Care Forms

Follow these guidelines to insure that ownership of the gifted grain is transferred prior to the sale. This will ensure you receive recognition for your gift and the intended tax benefits from a gift a grain.

  • Donors considering making a gift of grain are encouraged to consult their tax adviser and the OSF Healthcare Foundation.
  • Gifting grain to the OSF Healthcare Foundation is a creative way to support quality, compassionate health care while at the same time providing donors with favorable tax benefits. Gifts of grain may eliminate or avoid taxes yet retain 100% of the value for a charity.
  • Producers may avoid federal and state income taxes on their gift of grain, and they may also avoid paying the 15.3% self-employment taxes on the income which they would have realized on the amount of grain gifted.
  • Gifts of grain may be used to make outright gifts or gifts with reserved life income, such as gift annuities or charitable remainder unitrusts.

Steps to Making a Gift of Grain:

  1. Contact the OSF Healthcare Foundation to advise that a gift is being made.
  2. Mail or email the Bushels for Care pledge form.
  3. Deliver the grain to the grain elevator or notify elevator employees if the grain is already in storage.
  4. After delivery, complete the "Letter from the Donor Regarding a Gift of Grain" and send it to the OSF Healthcare Foundation.

Please Note: The donor should have no involvement in the sale of the commodity or direction of the income once the ownership has been transferred.

  1. Instructs the grain elevator to send the “sell the grain contract” to the OSF Holy Family Foundation. If the elevator does not use written contracts for grain sales, follow the steps in the "Instructions to Grain Elevator for Gift of Grain" document.
  2. The grain elevator gives the farmer a receipt of the number of bushels transferred to the OSF Healthcare Foundation.
  3. The grain elevator issues the check for sale of the grain to the OSF Healthcare Foundation along with the “bill of sale” indicating number of bushels and sale price to OSF Healthcare Foundation, 530 NE Glen Oak Ave, Peoria, IL 61637.
  4. The OSF Healthcare Foundation staff sends a thank you letter to the donor indicating number of bushels of grain donated and the market value of the grain on the date of donation. The letter will be verification of the total contribution to the OSF Healthcare Foundation and the amount of the sale.