Programs to Support

Philanthropic gifts support the Mission of OSF Saint James in three vital areas:

  • Capital Improvements: The Foundation provides funding to upgrade critical medical technology and to provide facilities that would not be economically possible in other hospitals of similar size.
  • Endowment: The Foundation endowment fund offers an avenue for individuals to help support programs and services for future generations. Donors may establish new endowment funds to support specific areas or can provide financial support to existing endowment funds.
  • Community Support: The Foundation supports a variety of services in our local community distinct from direct medical care. Gifts can help others educate themselves, maintain healthy lifestyles, cope with loss, maintain dignity in declining years and ensure timely access to health care services within our system

You may consider supporting one of the Foundation’s existing funds such as:

  • Cancer Treatment Center
  • Surgical Technology and Innovation
  • Mental Health for Children
  • Emergency Medical Services System Endowment
  • Diabetic Education Fund
  • Heart Rehabilitation Fund