Programs to Support

OSF St. Mary Foundation has identified six areas to enhance the hospital and provide greater care to our patients and families.

Acute Care Redesign and Renovation

The goal of the Acute Care project is to provide patients with private rooms. This not only helps with privacy concerns, but will create a more patient and family friendly atmosphere while continuing to provide the latest in patient care and safety.

ICCU Expansion and Redesign

The proposal is to renovate the entire east wing of the fourth floor for the Intensive Care/Coronary Care Unit (ICCU). This new department will consist of six 290 sq. ft. patient rooms, an increase from the current 115 sq. ft. size. The new rooms will include adequate space for intensive services at the patient's bedside, dedicated family space and private bathrooms that include showers. The expansion will include a dedicated visitor waiting room for family and friends to gather, and a separate consultation room for families to speak privately with caregivers.

Laboratory Expansion and Renovation

An expansion and renovation of the laboratory will create expanded and improved work areas to provide better workflow and increase efficiency. The open design with better organization of like functions will maximum productivity. The layout will provide separate access for intake and storage of supplies. The new lab will include separate offices for each of the two Pathologists. This will facilitate private consultations with physicians and patients when the need arises and improve the patient experience in our facility. 

OB/GYN Expansion and Renovation

The goal of the OB/GYN project is to create a homelike environment to experience a joyous occasion in a family's life. Furnishings will be chosen to reflect this warm and inviting feel. Space will be such that families can participate in the occasion. Data shows the renovation of this department will pay for itself within a three year period.

Surgery Expansion and Renovation

Medical technology, equipment and processes have changed drastically since the surgical department was built in 1974. Our goal is to construct new surgical rooms to accommodate present day equipment and staff needs. In addition, all pre-op and post-op rooms will be private and include their own bathroom. The surgical waiting room will increase in size, making the area more comfortable for waiting families.

Chapel Relocation

Meeting the spiritual needs of those we serve is a central part of the OSF Mission. The size of the current chapel does not fully accommodate these needs. A new chapel will provide seating for up to 32 people, allowing room for more of our patients, their families, our employees and other members of our community who chose to worship here.