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Join the revolution

girl looking at smartphoneStress, anxiety and depression are common mental health disorders. Approximately one in four adults in the U.S. suffers from problems that affect their mental and behavioral health in a given year. In fact, two in three people with a known mental health condition will never seek help. Because of this, OSF HealthCare aims to revolutionize mental and behavioral health care access through an innovative, evidence-based approach to help patients overcome their negative mental health symptoms. To do this, OSF HealthCare has partnered with SilverCloud, a leading provider of online therapeutic solutions to support mental wellness.

SilverCloud programs provide the user with immediate access to behavioral health programs that have been backed by years of research. The SilverCloud user-friendly digital platform is designed to help manage the causes of depression, anxiety and stress from the comfort of the user’s home. Additionally, the digital platform is free to download for anyone 18 years or older who lives in a community served by OSF HealthCare. This round-the-clock service is available via a handheld device, tablet or computer and consists of up to seven modules for the user to interactive with. Each module can be completed in any order, and typically can be completed over an eight to 10 week period. Module exercises include interactive journaling, as well as mood and lifestyle charting. Furthermore, the depression and anxiety modules come with a Behavioral Health Supporter, or someone who can encourage users through the process and provide extra support, if needed.

farmer and family member holding ipadFeedback from current users shows that they love the visuals, personal stories and breathing exercises offered through SilverCloud. Current users have also benefited from SilverCloud by learning to decrease stress, anger and frustration in order to openly communicate about their personal behavioral struggles. A majority of users surveyed say the program is supporting them in making progress towards personal behavioral health goals. For more information or to enroll in this service, please visit

Revolutionize Mental Health Care
The mental health care revolution starts with you! Make a gift to support innovative ideas like SilverCloud and be a part of pioneering work that makes a difference in the way our community sees health care. With your help, our communities can gain access to digital resources for mental and behavioral health from the comfort of their home which helps start the conversation about behavioral health and find solutions for behavior changes and mental wellness.

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