Our founding Sisters of the Third Order of St Francis were pioneers who answered a call to serve. Confident that they were not alone in their efforts, they went where they were needed. Since 1877, our Sisters have embraced the evolution of medical practice and technology in order to achieve the OSF Mission—to serve with the greatest care and love in a community that celebrates the gift of life.

Care for all and courage in the face of challenge, therefore, have been hallmarks of OSF HealthCare from the beginning. It is no surprise that as health care rapidly evolves, we are responding with a pioneer spirit.

In mid-2016, the Sisters opened OSF Innovation within the Jump Trading Simulation & Education Center. This collaborative environment is a central hub where multidisciplinary teams collaborate with Mission Partners across the Ministry to generate ideas, problem-solve and create solutions to health care’s most complex problems.

As a recognized leader in the transformation of health care, OSF Innovation works with a national network of partners, leverages data to make informed decisions, invests in new technologies and devices, and employs the use of human-centered design to better understand patients. Your support of OSF Innovation helps us reach our goal of bringing quality care to all patients, even the most vulnerable.

Four main areas of focus drive our efforts:

  • Radical Access to Care: How can OSF radically democratize access to care, regardless of setting or context?
  • More for Those With Less: How can OSF best serve its most disadvantaged populations?
  • Aging in Place: How can OSF deliver care to the elderly without disrupting where and how they live?
  • Advancing Simulation: How can OSF use simulation beyond education to transform health care?

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Ed Rapp
“Great innovation comes from great collaboration. I think we are just starting to scratch the surface of what is possible when you bring doctors and engineers together.”
Ed Rapp - Former Caterpillar President