The Heller Center for Kids with Cancer

The Heller Center for Kids with Cancer helps local kids and families live a life beyond cancer. Today, over 80% of kids survive their cancer diagnosis. But they deserve more than survivorship; they deserve to thrive. The Center supports the entire family, helping patients, parents and siblings face the obstacles and trauma a cancer diagnosis creates. It provides critical, non-medical support services to help children complete their education, develop coping skills and grow into adulthood. Your donation to this program means patients and their families have the support they need, including:

  • Mental and emotional health services to reduce fear, stress, anger, anxiety and/or depression. Neuropsychological and neurodevelopmental services will also help patients maximize cognitive functioning after treatments
  • Patient family educator and navigator to guide families through the cancer journey
  • School and career support to help kids stay up to date on schoolwork and assist with college and career planning
  • Long term follow-up offering health screenings, referrals, wellness education and assistance with life skills

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