Ground-breaking Research for Autism

Oftentimes, a grandchild can be a special light to a family by bringing one blessing after another. That has been the case for Chuck and Sue Thomas. Their granddaughter, Graciela, holds a special place in their hearts, not only for her loving spirit, but also because Graciela has been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). As with most families with children on the autism spectrum, early diagnosis and supportive treatment can sometimes come with struggles and confusion. The Thomas family was no different. They believed that Graciela, and every other child and family coping with an autism spectrum diagnosis, should live life without limitations and uncertainty. With this goal in mind, OSF HealthCare Foundation is pleased to announce the creation of The Charles and Sue Thomas Autism Endowment for Innovative Solutions, made possible through a $1 million gift from Chuck and Sue Thomas.

It is expected that with the fully-funded endowment, the dedicated and intentional level of research being done for autism will lead to dramatic improvements for overall health and wellness of children and families living with autism.

“Our granddaughter, Graciela, is on the autism spectrum. Our family is thrilled to be part of research being done at OSF HealthCare to help her, and other families like ours, get the care needed for a life lived without limitations and uncertainty,” said Charles Thomas.

The Thomas gift will allow for:

  • Ground-breaking autism research that will focus on solutions for improving early detection of autism
  • Dramatic improvements in care and treatment
  • Development of supportive technology enhancements
  • And other innovative solutions to improve the lives of children and families living with autism

Additionally, the work being done through the Thomas Autism Endowment will be a partnership between the University of Illinois, OSF HealthCare and the Autism Collective as part of a Jump ARCHES (Applied Research for Community Health through Engineering and Simulation) program initiative.

OSF Foundation is pleased to partner with the Thomas family as we work together to enhance research being done for children living with autism. Graciela continues to bring blessings to the Thomas family, and now other families in our communities, as we work together to achieve greater care for all children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.

Join the Thomas family and be a blessing to children right here in our local community.

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