Double Your Impact

Double Your Impact

Double Your Impact To Save LivesDid you know you can maximize your personal contribution to OSF HealthCare through an employer sponsored gift matching program? In fact, a corporate gift matching program can double or even triple your donation’s impact. Additionally, these programs may also be available to retirees, an employee’s spouse and your organization’s Board of Directors. Requesting a matching gift is normally a five minute process which can easily be done by following the steps below. Many companies will match their employees’ donation dollar for dollar making their $100 donation an impactful $200 donation. Follow the steps bellow to see if you can double, or even triple, your donation to OSF HealthCare today.

How do I get started?

You can visit our Gift Matching webpage to determine your eligibility and follow these steps:

  • Make a donation online or mail your check to the OSF HealthCare Foundation.
  • Enter your employer’s name in the search tool to reveal if your employer has a gift matching program.
  • Review your employer’s guidelines, eligibility requirements, match ratios and deadlines.
  • If your employer is eligible, download, print and complete the matching gift forms shown in the database.
  • Mail completed forms to the OSF HealthCare Foundation at 530 NE Glen Oak Ave. Peoria, Illinois 61637.

If your employer’s name is not shown in the search tool, you can ask your employer’s human resources department if they offer a gift matching program. Once program participation is confirmed, your human resources or philanthropy department can supply you with the forms to fill out. Once you complete the forms, mail the forms and a copy of your donation receipt or online donation receipt to our office at the address listed above.

If you have any questions related to corporate matching gifts, contact Strategic Philanthropy Officer Erin Peterson at or (309) 566-5670.

You can take advantage of this exciting chance to possibly have your generosity matched dollar-for-dollar.

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