Culture of Philanthropy

Culture of Philanthropy

2020 Celebration is postponed due to COVID,
and a new date will be announced soon.

One Mission Partner from each of the five OSF Regions will be selected as the Regional Honoree representing their respective region.
Of the five distinguished honorees, one will be selected to receive the Pearl Award.

Why We Celebrate

The Culture of Philanthropy is deeper than supporting a charity. It is an understanding of the impact one can make through sharing a vision and embracing a partnership with our patients, families and the OSF HealthCare Foundation. By fostering a Culture of Philanthropy, our Mission Partners provide instrumental support of the Sisters’ Mission to ‘serve with the greatest care and love.’

The History of the Pearl Award

Dr. Richard PearlDr. Rick Pearl understood what is meant to engage a family beyond the role of a patient and began a relationship that blossomed into a visionary friendship. This vision grew to one of the greatest collaborations of our community with a global impact, the Jump Trading Simulation and Education Center. Dr. Pearl’s philanthropic engagement is an integral part of his service to others. In recognition of his profound demonstration of the Culture of Philanthropy, a distinguished award was created. The Pearl Award is given to an OSF HealthCare Mission Partner that demonstrated philanthropic excellence through compassionate care and visionary leadership in our healthcare community by fostering relationships and collaboration with the OSF HealthCare Foundation.


Submit A Nomination

Nominations accepted until Saturday, August 22nd, 2020