Culture of Philanthropy Celebration

Culture of Philanthropy

The Pearl Award was presented to Dr. John Vozenilek, vice president and chief medical officer of simulation, a part of OSF Innovation, during our annual celebration on Thursday, November 1. At the Second Annual Culture of Philanthropy Celebration, we awarded excellence plaques to four leaders from each region. Recognition was presented to each nominee for their commitment to the Culture of Philanthropy and for their dedication to advance the OSF Mission to ‘serve with the greatest care and love.’ To read more about each nominee, please click here.

The evening’s main highlight was the unveiling of the Pearl Award video. The Pearl Award, established by OSF HealthCare Foundation, recognizes contributions to philanthropic excellence, compassionate care and visionary leadership that will transform health care.

“Dr. Voz” spearheads Jump Simulation. His visionary thinking, passion for improving the quality and safety of health care while reducing health care costs through simulation reflects the OSF HealthCare vision of transforming care to improve the lives of those we serve. He has established resources for engineers and educators who wish to use innovative technologies for the improvement of clinical performance. Dr. Vozenilek also has an outstanding track record of creating organizational capabilities and infrastructure to advance our Mission.

“Most of the work I do is centered on realistically simulating the clinical work that touches people’s lives every day,” said Vozenilek. “If the work I do leads to care that is safer, easier, more rewarding and meaningful, then I have done the right thing.”

Dr. Vozenilek says there are serious problems that the health care industry cannot solve on its own.

“We seek partnerships with our Mission Partners and those outside of our health care system and industry to create solutions that have never been thought of before,” said Vozenilek. “We need philanthropic support to follow through with our vision of transforming care for our patients.”

You can support the work of Dr. Vozenilek and the Jump Trading Simulation & Education Center. Your gift will help transform health care to advance patient care. To learn more about Jump Trading, click here.