Community Health Impact

Extending Our Reach into the Community

Our cancer treatment efforts begin within our walls, but our prevention measures extend past our front doors and into surrounding cities and towns through community health initiatives. With our new teaching kitchen, we will offer accessible, educational programs that not only aide during cancer treatment and recovery, but prevent many cancers from occurring in the first place. We are also collaborating with the Harvard School of Public Health, focusing on data collection to identify and better understand healthcare disparities in our rural communities. This way, we can create equitable solutions around prevention for the most vulnerable and at risk among us. Everyone deserves access to screenings and services, surgical intervention and survivorship regardless of their status or resources. We commit to making every effort to reach everyone who needs our care.

Introducing the Teaching Kitchen

Nutritious food is powerful medicine. Through our new Teaching Kitchen, we will offer hands-on education to cancer patients and their families, helping them accelerate their healing journey and carry a healthy lifestyle back into their homes.

A healthy body is a tremendous asset in the fight against cancer, so we must do more to promote health through prevention. When you start to think of food as a culinary remedy, it changes your whole relationship to eating — and it should. Good food is powerful medicine.
Chef Golda Ewalt, Director of OSF Food & Nutrition Service