Economic Impact

A New Day for Our Region

We will usher in a new medical era with the OSF HealthCare Cancer Institute — and a new era for Central Illinois. From economic growth that uplifts our region to life-changing survival stories to the most innovative and accessible treatment tools, there is no end to our ripple effect. Other leading cancer institutions have changed the face of their home communities, and we see the same future for Peoria: a national magnet of world-class cancer care, expanding our network of physicians and supportive care services. The building itself will reflect our Mission-minded care model, with a spacious environment designed to promote individualized care through close patient-specialist collaboration. With what we expect to be our crowning achievement, our vision to achieve National Cancer Institute (NCI) designation could result in an economic impact in the hundreds of millions and help us change the future of healthcare.

economic impact of the OSF HealthCare Cancer Institute

New Opportunities, Greater Growth

Breaking ground on this project will invite an influx of new medical talent, jobs and patient visitors into Central Illinois. Peoria will be elevated to even greater prestige once we achieve our goal of NCI designation.

Peoria is about to enter a new era. With the launch of the OSF HealthCare Cancer Institute, we will grow our local economy and revolutionize cancer treatment. I can't overemphasize the positive impact of this endeavor on everyone in our community. 
Bob Anderson, President, OSF Saint Francis Medical Center