Celebrating Three Legacies

The OSF HealthCare Foundation celebrated three legacies of OSF HealthCare Children’s Hospital of Illinois on Thursday, February 21. With over 75 years of service, experience and compassion between them, OSF is infinitely impacted by their dedication to making the Children’s Hospital of Illinois one of the best in the country. Dr. Bash, Dr. Pearl and Dr. Shah leave a legacy that will live within the heart of OSF and throughout our sacred ministry forever touching the lives of the patients who come to us.

Hundreds of patients, friends, family and colleagues joined the physicians to express their gratitude and congratulations for a career filled with a desire to serve with the greatest care and love. Patients and their parents confidently trusted each of these physicians to plan a pathway of possibility to live their best lives. The physicians set the tone for leadership and patient care by carefully recruiting and mentoring exceptional physicians to carry on their vision.

Bryan Payne, a grateful patient of Dr. Shah, echoed these sentiments, “Dr. Shah didn’t just fix my heart. He gave me a future, a future that includes my beautiful wife and daughter. Without Dr. Shah’s care and compassion I may not be here today experiencing all of my daughter’s first milestones.”

The three physicians transformed the face of OSF Children’s Hospital, patient care, and the community by advocating for the expansion of services for children and, later, the JUMP Simulation and Education Center. Their efforts were instrumental in the construction of the new OSF Children’s Hospital building, which opened in 2010, and was the largest construction project in the history of Peoria. In 2013, the $51 million JUMP Center opened, redefining clinical training and revolutionizing patient care. These three physicians were instrumental in helping raise more than $85 million for these projects.

The children OSF cares for and their families can be assured that they will receive the highest quality of care for years to come because of deep commitment of the physicians to ensuring presence of education and ongoing training, bringing the best and brightest minds to OSF and promising patients receive innovative and compassionate care. If you feel so inspired by these physicians’ lives and legacies to provide compassionate care, education and pioneering research, please share a story or give a gift on our website.

In the words of Sister Judith Ann, O.S.F, Chairperson of OSF HealthCare, “This is never goodbye, but a celebration of YOU and what you have brought to OSF that KEEPS your presence among us. And we are so grateful. You will forever be a part of our OSF family. Please join me in wishing them a blessed and joyful journey into the next chapter of life.”

Thank you, Dr. Bash, Dr. Pearl and Dr. Shah.