OSF HealthCare Cancer Institute

A New Day in Cancer Care

When cancer is what we’re fighting and it’s the future we have to lose, audacity is our greatest hope. It lives in everything we do. It lives in tomorrow’s innovative technology, in world-renowned research and in our top partnerships with like-minded institutions. It lives in our Mission, to serve all persons with the greatest care and love. The OSF HealthCare Cancer Institute is the most ambitious philanthropic endeavor in OSF’s history. We understand the magnitude of this vision and it will only come to fruition with the financial support of people like you, who share our foresight. With your help, we can make Peoria and Central Illinois a destination for hope, healing and world-class treatment. Together, we can usher in a new day for cancer care — giving cancer patients the promise and possibility of many new tomorrows.

OSF HealthCare Cancer Institute Project Timeline

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Our Promise to Every Patient

Transformative Technology and Proton Therapy

We will lead the way to healing with truly transformative technology that saves lives. With proton therapy, flash therapy and a broad spectrum of state-of-the-art treatments, we will champion the future of cancer-fighting technology for our patients.

Mission-Minded Care

In the spirit of our OSF Mission to serve persons with the greatest care and love, every patient receives a care plan as unique as they are. With a team of specialists by their side, each person can heal with confidence.

Advancing Innovative Solutions

We will use advanced imaging techniques for complex surgical cases. With a clear view of how cancer is impacting a patient's anatomy, surgeons can develop a personalized plan that will lead to better outcomes.

The Impact of Your Gift




Sister Judith Ann
Through a shared vision and with philanthropic engagement, we can all play a part in the healing process. Together, we will create a place where cancer care begins and ends with a focus on treating the whole person — body, mind and spirit.
Sister Judith Ann Duvall, O.S.F.