Almost Home Kids

What happens when kids with complicated medical needs are ready to leave the hospital but not quite ready to go home? OSF HealthCare Almost Home Kids is there for them. With the generous support of this community, OSF HealthCare Almost Home Kids opened in September 2018–only the third home of its kind and the first purpose-built AHK ever.

At OSF HealthCare Almost Home Kids, parents learn how to do things they might never have imagined doing: administer complicated medical regimens, operate medical equipment such as respirators and feeding tubes, and more. Skilled nursing and hands-on training for families prepare them to take their child home with confidence.

And when families need a helping hand, OSF HealthCare Almost Home Kids will also be a home away from home for respite care.

There are 3 million children with medical complexities in the United States, and 14,000 in Illinois. The Almost Home Kids novel model for providing these special children the right care at the right time has the potential to transform the way care is delivered to this growing group of young patients. We are so proud to have you as our partner in pioneering this prototype for the nation, right here in Peoria.

Opportunities to Help

Would you like to give an Almost Home Kids housewarming gift? Click here to shop our wish list at Target.

Connect with us here to discover how you can be part of the Almost Home Health Care corps of volunteers. It makes a wonderful service project opportunity for groups.