A Walking Community

A Walking Community

walking path layoutAs we join the city’s efforts to develop a more walkable community environment, OSF HealthCare Saint Anthony Medical Center is proud to empower you with a new healthy choice – a brand-new walking path. Once the path is complete, our community will gain access to an outdoor recreational space to encourage movement and exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle. Reducing sedentary lifestyle related diseases is key to improving overall health, and the new walking path and landscape will provide an affordable choice in reaching a more active lifestyle.

Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP is changing lives at OSF Saint Anthony Medical Center. This year, the national law firm gifted $85,000 to the Walking Path project in addition to sponsoring Pink Ball and supporting the Saint Anthony College of Nursing. Attorney Charles F. Thomas said the walking path gift was inspired by the amount of hours, sometimes days that visitors spend on campus. Thomas noted, “Without leaving the hospital, loved ones can sit near a large indoor waterfall when they aren’t in a patient room. Witnessing the area many times, I often thought it would be nice during good weather if they could go for a walk outdoors on campus. Right now, there is nowhere to walk except parking lots.”

The new walking path is designed to be used by not only visitors, but also Mission Partners and patients, if well enough. The path will be close to facilities on campus allowing for easy access to scenic, forestry views. We encourage Mission Partners to take advantage of the path by incorporating walking into their daily routines as part of a healthy lifestyle. The pathway can also be used for various forms of physical activity including walking, running, stretching and so on.

Furthermore, the walking path will be an area for relaxation and mindfulness – both of which are also components to a healthy lifestyle. According to Attorney Michael Iasparro, “Hinshaw is delighted to support Saint Anthony Medical Center’s Walking Paths initiative. OSF’s caregivers, patients, families and neighbors will gain a peaceful setting for reflection, tranquility and wellness. The campus-wide Walking Path project exemplifies OSF’s community of caregiving approach to health and wellness, and long-standing commitment to the Rockford community.”

As we work to create an atmosphere of health and wellness inside and outside of our facility, you too can join us. Your gift in support of the Walking Path project will help advance our overall goal of inspiring healthy lifestyles for visitors, Mission Partners, patients and our community members.

Donate today for a healthier tomorrow

For more information on giving to the Walking Path project, please contact:

Ryan Duvall, Strategic Philanthropy Officer
(815) 395-5514