A Legacy To Nursing Education

A Legacy To Nursing Education

Dr. Patti StockertSaint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing and OSF HealthCare Foundation were honored to celebrate the retirement of the President of the College of Nursing, Dr. Patricia Stockert, on Friday, July 26. Starting and ending her career at OSF, Dr. Stockert has over 43 years of leadership and compassionate excellence in service.

Close friends and colleagues participated in creating a surprise video to express their gratitude and congratulations to Dr. Stockert for a career filled with a desire to serve with the greatest care and love. Many described Dr. Stockert as a great mentor and problem solver, and emphasized appreciation for her open-door policy.

“She holds her values close to her heart and lives them personally. As a role model, Patti gently guides you along the way and shows you how to do things. She is a remarkable person,” stated Dr. Kim Mitchell, Professor and Dean of the Graduate Program, College of Nursing.

Dr. Stockert transformed the College by advocating for the expansion of programs and degrees. Originally the college offered only a diploma, but her leadership helped the college grow and succeed with a baccalaureate program and later a graduate program offering Master’s and Doctorate level courses. Throughout her time at the college, Dr. Stockert has maintained national accreditations and promoted personal and professional development for her students, faculty and staff.

Curt, Patti And JanSteve Mattern, who was initially hired by Dr. Stockert as an ethicist for the college 11 years ago, is now the Senior Vice President of Mission Services at OSF HealthCare.  When asked about her longevity and commitment to the Sisters’ Mission, he described Dr. Stockert as an authentic leader with profound wisdom.

“Patti is highly attuned. She saw the call to serve, and through her leadership she shared her gifts. I don’t think she woke up one day and realized she would be here for all these years, but looking back, she felt at peace about it,” Mattern stated. He characterizes Dr. Stockert as a servant leader who made an effort to get to know him as both a person and a professional.

Dr. Stockert not only displays true servanthood but also exemplifies the spirit of philanthropy. As a way to continue to make an impact on the lives our students, Dr. Stockert has created a scholarship to help relieve the burden of tuition for students at Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing. Her transformative gift will provide a viable resource that will continue to inspire others to realize a career in nursing.

“Congratulations, Patti, well deserved,” said Mattern. “You have come to this milestone and we are all beneficiaries of your commitment to growing all of us and to forming this College to its next version.”

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