A Gift of Gratitude

A Gift of Gratitude

Swartz FamilyPatients oftentimes express their gratitude with kind words of appreciation. But once in a while, a grateful patient family decides to make a gift of gratitude. Gene and Jan Swartz did just that. This month, the Swartz family generously donated $25K to the OSF Cardiovascular Institute to show their appreciation for the OSF HealthCare family of caregivers. To celebrate this momentous time, family, friends and caregivers gathered together as a patient room placard at OSF HealthCare Saint Francis Medical Center was revealed and the room named in their honor.

The Swartz family have been longtime grateful patients in one capacity or another. Through visits to OSF Saint Francis Medical Center in Peoria, as well as OSF HealthCare Saint James in Pontiac, they have become extended family members of the OSF family. Gene and Jan, along with their family, have a strong faith relationship and believe deeply in the Sisters’ Mission to serve patients with the greatest care and love. Therefore, they are pleased to see their donation supporting the Cardio-Oncology program which will help cancer patients and their specific cardiac needs.

Dr. Gumm, Interim Lead Physician at OSF Cardiovascular Institute states, “This generous gift will go towards the development of our Cardio-Oncology program. Cardio-Oncology is a new subspecialty of cardiology that addresses the specific cardiac needs of oncology patients. It has been shown that by identifying these patients early and treating them, we may be able to prevent serious cardiac consequences from occurring further along in the treatment of their cancer.”

Swartz UnveilingCancer survival rates continue to improve due to better treatment options and superior caregivers. However, along with survival comes negative side effects, including potential damage to your heart. The Cardio-Oncology program at OSF Saint Francis aims to prevent, monitor and treat cardiovascular disease in cancer survivors to ensure long-term health. With their donation, the Swartzes are helping create healthier lives for all in our community which truly embodies the Sisters’ Mission and what it means to be a grateful patient.

Forever a Grateful Patient

 The OSF Grateful Patient Program offers families, like the Swartzes, the opportunity to show gratitude while also making a difference in the lives of our patients. In fact, grateful patient gifts have the potential to transform health care while delivering innovative services that you come to expect at OSF HealthCare.

The OSF Grateful Patient Program is your opportunity to express gratitude and thank your caregiver. If you have encountered someone at OSF HealthCare who took special care to serve you, you can let them know how much it meant to you and thank them through the our program. For more information on the OSF Grateful Patient Program, visit Osfgratefulpatient.org.

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